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How it began...

Vesa started Hi-fly Rangers in 2006 when he was asked to bring a new rockabilly trio to Senigallia Summer Jamboree, a big roots music festival held in Italy. His other bands Whistle Bait and Barnshakers had already been billed on that festival so he had to come up with something new to keep the promoter happy. Vesa knew Kari Kunnas through his band work with him in the 80's when they had a band called Frantic Four which did some local gigs and recordings. Kari was at the moment a lead guitarist in another finish rockabilly group Daryl Haywood Combo where Jake Lähdeniemi played bass. Vesa, Kari and Jake had a session where they found out that they all enjoyed same kind of three-piece 50's style rockabilly. They made their first release 'Hot Rod Ride to The Moon' cd album for Goofin' Records in 2006. In 2009 they released a 7" vinyl EP 'Oh Baby Don't Go' on their own label Wax-O Records. 2013 came the next album 'Another Gear'.

Goofin' Records 2006

Wax-O records 2009

Goofin' Records 2013

GO FEATHERS!, 10" vinyl
Goofin' Records 2022

Vocal, Rhythm Guitar

Vesa started his first band Whistle Bait in the early 80's and it has become one of the longest living traditional rock'n'roll bands in Finland that is still active. The other successful act he was founding 10 years later was The Barnshakers which took on a more authentic style on American 50's rockabilly and roots music. Both bands became well respected by the fans of the 50's rockin' music and are still active in the international rockabilly scene. Besides singing Vesa is also a song writer for his bands and in some cases also to other artists. He has become more widely known in Finland through his work in bands that perform music sang in Finnish language. As a singer in bands Agents and at the moment Pääesiintyjät his talent has been found also by listeners outside the 50's rock'n'roll scene.

Lead Guitar

Kari has been one of Finnish rockabilly scene's most in demand guitarists, always ready to take on a new challenge. His early collaboration with Vesa in the 80's continued 20 years later with hi-Fly Rangers. Since their first release 'Hot Rod Ride To The Moon' Kari has been in charge of recording and mixing the Hi-fly Rangers sessions. This has usually been mobile recording in varying locations with modern entry level equipment. Usual setup is live takes to 4 channels. Kari is also responsible for all graphic design including album covers, logos and website design for the band. Kari plays hollow body Gretsches and Telecasters, equipped with either Dearmond or TK Smith pickups.

Double Bass

Jake has been a dedicated double bass player for over two decades. Daryl Haywood Combo was his first rockabilly band that got recognition internationally after releasing two albums in early 2000's. Hi-Fly Rangers became his other occupation as a bassist and later on he found himself in well known finnish band Rockin' 8-Balls. As a talented harmony singer he was also one of the founding members of finnish Doo Wop group The Relics. When the song calls for it, he sings the harmony vocals on Hi-Fly Rangers tunes.