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Hi-Fly Rangers released new album "GO FEATHERS!" in April 2022. This album is a tribute to Charlie Feathers. 12 chosen songs are from Feathers 60's and 70's catalogue. Charlie Feathers' son Bubba Feathers, who was a long time guitarist in his father's band is featured as a guest artist on "We're Getting Closer". Bubba plays the lead guitar on the track and his guitar part was recorded right where his dad started his career at Sun studios in Memphis. The album was recorded in Finland where the band lives and it was compiled of takes from spontaneous sessions which were captured live in one room. The plan for a tribute album was developed by band's singer Vesa Haaja and he produced the sessions bringing song material and general ideas how it was to be done. Some of the songs have electric bass, some a double bass and on "Uh Huh honey" there is both. Only a minimal amount of overdubs was done mainly for the piano and some harmony vocals but every take has original lead vocals and guitar-bass-drum parts. Jani Ahtiainen stepped in for the songs that needed drums. Goofin' Records released the album and as a bonus there is a 7" EP with 4 unreleased Charlie Feathers tracks found from Tapio Väisänen's stash of rare acetates. The recording session of Bubba Feathers playing his part at Sun studio and in his home was filmed and combined to footage filmed in Finland to make a music video of the song "We're Getting Closer".

7.10. LAMPPU, Lappeenranta