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CD Goofin' Records 2013
Reviewed in 'Now Dig This' magazine by STEVE AYNSLEY

This is a very impressive collection from Hi-Fly Rangers from Finland who release this cd six years after their debut offering, 'Hot Rod ride To The Moon'. The Rangers are a rockabilly trio featuring guitar, bass and vocals with added percussion on the Benny Joy cover, 'Wild Wild Lover".
The CD kicks off with a great country rocker penned by lead singer Vesa Haaja.'Misery Train' chugs along very nicely with impeccable rhythm supplied by Jake on slap bass. I really like the clean sound that the trio have achieved on both instrumentation and vocals. It is clean but not clinical and yet still very exciting. There's a hint of early Marty Wilde about the vocals which I also found most attractive. Second track in and the surprise comes early via a rockabilly update Adele's recent James Bond hit, 'Skyfall'. This really works and shows just what you can do with a little imagination.
Another country rocker with the self-penned 'Come To Your Daddy' shows how you can inject originality into an old theme. It is very difficult to come up with new rockabilly material without sounding as if the material was "inspired" by others, but the guys seem to have managed here.
The aforementioned 'Wild Wild Lover' is delivered with gusto preceding their version of Hand Davis' 'There Is No Right Way' which rolls along nicely, making the listener think Elvis could have made a good job on this. I really like their version of Glen Glenn's 'Don't You Love Me'. Glen's music was so underrated at the time of release which is a great pity; although we didn't realize it, we were very musically deprived in the 50's with only a small proportion of great recordings reaching our shores!
A further self-penned ditty, 'No Stranger To Me', is followed by really good rendition of Jack Scott's 'Goodbye Baby' on which I found the vocal harmonies exceptional. Two further originals are up next - the country rocker 'Out Of My Mind', written by the guitar player Kari Kunnas, and the bluesy 'Where Did You Stay Last Night' from Vesa. The Buck Peddy / Mel Tillis songwriting team provided not only 'Five Feet Of Lovin' for Gene Vincent but also '(I've Changed My) Wild Mind' Johnny 'T' Talleyon Mercury, another lost to us on these shores at the time but rectified on 'Mercury Rockabillies' two decades later- The Rangers do a fine job with it. Four highly original tracks close the CD including the lively title number, 'Another Gear'and the closing country shuffle,'You Walk Away'.
I can't recommend this trio and this CD enough. It is not a 100 mile per hour sledge hammer punch in the guts but more the type of country rockabilly I used to enjoy listening to in the 50's...when I could get it , of course!

CD Goofin' Records 2006
Reviewed in 'Jumpin' from 6 to 6' Webzine by LONG TALL DAVID

If you like hot and pure rockabilly comin’ from a cold country, if you appreciate the authentic fifties sound of finnish bands like the Barnshakers, Phantom 409, Rod Benders or Daryl Haywood Combo, this “Hot Rod Ride To The Moon” album is for you. Imagine Vesa Haaja singing in a band with Kari Kunnas on guitar and Jake Lähdeniemi on double bass (both are from The Daryl Haywood Combo). You’re not dreaming, this trio really exists and is called the Hi-Fly Rangers! The band was formed in the spring of 2006 by the talented Vesa and decided to offer very shortly after on Goofin’ Records (who else could have made it?) some high quality classic rockabilly tracks played with fever and a drivin’ slappin’ bass. Seven tracks among this 17 songs album are penned ones by Vesa (as the classy eponymous title and the catchy “My Little Mama”) or by Karri (a nervous ending track that “Blow My Fuse”) and the others are very good covers from Charlie Feathers ("I can't hardly stand it") Billy Wallace (" Burning the wind ") Hal Harris (“I'm Through”), Conway Twitty (“Born To Sing The Blues”) Bill Browning (“Love Left Over”) Dick Penner (“Move baby Move”) or Johnny Burnette (“Eager Beaver Baby”) and even Elvis (“You’re Right, I’m Left, She’s Gone” in a more medium bluesy style). If you wanna fly high to catch the moon, these rangers are ready to give you a rockabilly ride…